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Hello and welcome to mybabynaming.com.au

go-ahead-make-my-dayAt Robyn Wagner Celebrations we would be thrilled to help you organise a Baby Naming Ceremony for your new arrival. I get so excited when I am asked to perform a Baby Naming Ceremony.  Being a mother myself and knowing what a special gift a child is, I truly believe in making every day of life count.

It is so beautiful to be part of a Baby Naming Ceremony – watching two people, very much in love, committing their love, protection and guidance to their child for his/her future.

I have also performed Baby Naming ceremonies for single parents, where the partner is no longer part of their world, yet the sole parent would still like to officially name and formally introduce their child to their family and friends.

Every Baby Naming ceremony I perform I spend personal time with the family, helping them to create the Ceremony they dream of. I truly love being a celebrant and am passionate about making a positive difference in people’s lives.  I love every ceremony I perform as each ceremony is different, due to each couple and their child being unique.

We are often asked to organise ceremonies that combine with a child’s 1st or 2nd birthday milestone. We have a fantastic range of ceremonies, songs, poems, verses for you to choose from.  You may even want to include a Sand Blending, Candle Lighting, Rose Petal or Handfasting Ritual. You can invite family members, or special friends to perform a reading or say a poem or a prayer.

Your child will receive a Baby Naming Certificate, and the parents will receive a colour copy of the Ceremony in a bound folder to keep, along with photos of the special day on a CD/DVD. Grandparents and/or God Parents/Guardians can also receive a certificate.